tiny little things i’m happy about in maya

there are a lot of tiny little knitty bitties i’m very happy about in maya in comparison to 3ds max – actually small things which do have a huge effect on your daily work with your 3d package. first of all: just go ahead with scaling, you just won’t get into troubles later on. in 3ds max scaling is a forbidden word, just don’t do it (or just when you absolutely require it: but be cautious as it may cause troubles with tools connected to the object). another fact i like is that maya offers a ascii format to save a scene file, this will make you happy when you want to transport something from a windows to a linux or mac system. and it allows you to fix a restore a broken scene when you can’t load it anymore. so keep this option in mind when saving files in maya: ascii can be just the better option even if it requires some more space on your hard disk. turning off modules like dynamics or paint effects when you don’t need them (especially when you start to learn maya) is a good way increase loading time of this huge application, something which isn’t always that easy to do in 3ds max in my humble opinion. last but not least: tearing off viewport windows (panels > tear off) is a great feature, especially if you have 2 monitors. it allows you to have a totally independent viewport window next to the standard ones. as i’m digging more and more into maya, i’ll sure find some more gems…

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